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Residential multi-sports court

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Residential multi-sports court

Discover our exclusive solution for creating outdoor sports pitches for home use, designed to transform your outdoor space into an exciting and versatile playground. Whether in your garden, on a terrace or in an open space, our removable and modular Stilmat sports surfaces allow you to play a variety of sports right in your own home.

Your private playground

With our solution for creating outdoor sports pitches for private individuals, you can finally realise your dream of having a play area in your own home. Choose from a range of sports, including basketball, tennis, futsal and much more, and create a playground that suits your sporting passions.

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Versatility for all sports

Our modular surfaces can be adapted to different sports, offering unprecedented versatility. Turn your outdoor space into a basketball court in the morning, a tennis court in the afternoon and a football pitch in the evening, offering a variety of sporting possibilities in one place.

Quick setup

Our solution for creating outdoor sports pitches is designed for quick and easy installation. The modular surfaces fit together perfectly and adapt to the configuration of your outdoor space, allowing you to create a functional playing field without the hassle of traditional methods.

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Durability and easy maintenance

Our sports surfaces offer exceptional quality and durability, withstanding outdoor conditions and the elements. Rot-proof, they require minimal maintenance to remove leaves. Enjoy a playing field that lasts over time and continues to provide you with a quality sporting experience.


Are you looking for a quick and affordable solution for creating a multisport pitch at home?

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