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Sports hall renovation

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Sports hall renovation

Discover our innovative indoor sports hall renovation solution, designed to offer a cost-effective and practical alternative to traditional renovation solutions. Cheaper and quicker, our approach doesn't require any major works.

The renovation revolution

With the Stilmat tiles range, indoor sports hall renovation has never been easier. Our innovative approach offers an affordable and fast solution for breathing new life into your sports facilities without the costs and delays associated with traditional renovation methods.


Save time and money

Our renovation solution is designed to save you time and money. By avoiding the need to remove the existing floor, our approach significantly reduces labour costs and hall downtime, allowing you to get your sports facility up and running again quickly.

Customization and flexibility

Our modular floors are available in a wide range of colours. Choose the perfect combination for your indoor sports hall, creating an inspiring and functional sports environment. We can also mark the lines of play according to your specific needs.

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Replacing a damaged sports hall floor generally requires major work and substantial investment. Sport2U can offer you a temporary or permanent solution.


  • Fast: the surface can be installed in just one day

  • Durable

  • Multisport marking included

  • No heavy, messy work

  • Affordable budget

For who ?

  • Schools: Is your gymnastics hall dilapidated and in disrepair? Is it becoming dangerous for your pupils to practise their sports in these conditions? Renovate your hall quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Sports centres: It can sometimes take several years to obtain funding to renovate a sports hall. Sport2U offers you a quick and inexpensive solution.


  • School

  • Sports hall

  • Recreation centre

  • ...


Are you looking for a fast, affordable solution?

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