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Roller Rink

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Roller rink

An ecological and economical solution to replace ice rinks in winter and create entertainment in your town in summer. Since 2022, Sport2U and Colors Productions have been working together to bring you the very best in skating rinks.

Energy savings and sustainability

Our roller rink solution is part of a sustainable approach that minimises energy consumption and the costs associated with ephemeral ice-skating facilities. Thanks to our modular coverings, you can offer a different and stimulating skating experience while helping to preserve the environment.


For all seasons

Our modular surfaces allow you to create temporary roller skating rinks, transforming venues into multi-purpose spaces suitable for a variety of seasonal activities. Create a disco roller rink in summer, turn it into a skating rink in winter, or let the public enjoy the pleasure of sliding all year round.

Public engagement

Our roller rink solution captivates and engages the public by offering unique experiences. Whether it's a family outing, a festive event or a recreational activity, our roller rinks create unforgettable memories and entertainment.



If rollerblading is back in vogue, it's partly because of the energy crisis, but also thanks to the popularity of a certain Netflix series. 

Give your city centre a disco vibe! 

  • More environmentally friendly :

    • Less energy-consuming than an ice rink

    • The rink is made of recycled polypropylene tiles

    • Rinks are available for rental

  • Multi-season :

    • ​Create a fun and sporting event in both winter and summer

  • Save time and money:

    • Shorter set-up and dismantling times = longer operating times

  • Turnkey solution :

    • Boardings, skates, chalets, decoration, sound system, etc.

    • Entertainment, technical coordination, etc.

Let your creativity run free !

Whether it's for a Christmas market or a summer event, ephemeral roller skating rinks can be adapted to any location thanks to their modularity.

Anything is possible!

The reference for roller skating rink

Stilmat tiles for roller rink roller hockey

Stilmat tiles

Originally designed for roller hockey, Stilmat tiles are the best on the market for creating temporary or permanent roller rinks. They are THE reference in terms of gliding sensation, stability and safety.

An all-inclusive roller rink!

Since 2022, Sport2U has been joining forces with Colors Productions in a special partnership. 


Colors Productions is one of the oldest and largest European companies active in the mobile ice rink market. Faced with the problem of the energy crisis, they have been able to rely on Sport2U's expertise to provide a solution that uses less energy and is more economical than ice rinks.


Active for nearly 30 years, they have a huge stock of equipment that enables them to provide you with an all-in-one roller rink, from the supply of equipment (railings, marquee, floor, skate park, chalets, decoration, etc.) to logistical management (assembly, dismantling, entertainment, operation, etc.).

COLORSLOGO+SWIM-PNG_edited_edited_edited (1).png


Would you like to offer a fun and sporting event in the heart of your municipality ? We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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