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Sports events

Discover our event solutions: transform public spaces into high-performance playgrounds to promote a sport, a club or a federation. Whether indoors or outdoors, our removable and modular Stilmat floors are designed to create memorable sporting experiences that capture attention and generate enthusiasm.

Sport for everyone to see

With our event solutions, sport comes to life in the heart of cities. We transform public spaces into fields for basketball, handisport, tennis and more, enabling passers-by to discover and actively participate in exciting sporting activities.


A high-impact promotion

Our events solution offers a unique platform for promoting your sport, club or federation. Grab the attention of the crowd with dynamic and professionally designed playing fields. Whether for demonstrations, competitions or initiation sessions, our solution enables you to create a strong impact.

Modularity and customization

Our modular surfaces are designed to adapt to different space and size constraints, offering total flexibility in the creation of your sports field. Customise your surface to match the visual identity of your club or federation, or to showcase your sponsors, creating an immersive and memorable experience.


Engagement and interaction

Our event solution encourages audience engagement and creates opportunities for interaction. Invite participants to join in sporting activities, learn new sports and interact with your sport's ambassadors, building passion and participation.


Tournaments, exhibitions, demonstrations... For your indoor or outdoor promotional sports events, Sport2U sets up a sports field where you can reach your target audiences, giving your event optimum visibility in a strategic location.

  • Create a sporting event anywhere

  • Quick to set up and dismantle

  • Modular surface to suit the space available

  • Allows sports to be played in perfect conditions

  • Choice of branding

  • Easy to place sponsors

  • Can be easily integrated into other activities, events, etc.

For who ?

  • Sports clubs, federations, leagues, towns and municipalities: Promote your sport by putting it at the heart of towns and cities at promotional events. Let as many people as possible discover your sport in optimum conditions.

  • Event organizers: Add a sporty, fun and memorable touch to your events, whether it's a music festival or a corporate party.

  • Companies: Encourage team-building by offering fun sports activities. Offer your employees a sports surface in their workplace to relax on during their breaks.


We place a sports surface in the heart of your city, in high-traffic areas, indoors or outdoors :

  • Mall

  • Car park

  • Showroom

  • Exhibition Hall

  • Park

  • Public place

  • Rooftop

  • ...

Have you thought of everything for your sport event?

Visitor reception, stands, refreshment stands, lighting, security, sponsor visibility... We'd like to talk you through all the issues that our experience has taught us to consider when organising this type of event.

Sport2U Event
sport2u événement tennis
sport2u événement sprint
sport2u événement handisport
sport2u événement sport
sport2u événement bruxelles
sport2u événement handisport


Do you have a crazy idea or a project in mind? Let's have a meeting to discuss it and bring it to life...

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