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Temporary Sports Hall

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Temporary Sports Hall

Discover our innovative temporary sports hall solution, designed to address the lack of availability in traditional sports halls. Installed within sports clubs and under heated tents, our temporary sports halls are equipped with the best removable sports surfaces on the market and an efficient lighting system to guarantee optimal quality of play.

The sports hall you need

With our ephemeral sports hall solution, sports clubs can benefit from additional, flexible space for training, matches and sporting activities. Create a comfortable and functional environment under a heated tent, offering a practical alternative to traditional sports hall where available time slots are rares.


Optimal game quality

Our temporary sports halls are equipped with Stilmat tiles, the best in terms of removable sports floors. We install an efficient lighting system to ensure adequate visibility,  whatever time of day. 

Flexibility and comfort

Our temporary sports hall solution offers unrivalled flexibility. Create a dedicated training space, a playing field for matches or a venue for special sporting events. With a heated tent, you can enjoy a comfortable sporting experience, whatever the weather.

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A tailor-made solution

You rent or buy removable sport floor to benefit from a home sports hall. The Sport2U team is responsible for completely setting up the infrastructure necessary for the good practice of your sport: pitches, tent, lighting, heating, accessories... 


  • Increased reception capacity: 

    • Additional playing surface accessible 24/7 upon installation. 

    • Quality pitch installed at home

  • Additional source of income:

    • During the winter season, opportunity to occupy the club during a closed period (bar entry, life in the club, etc.)

    • Possibility of training during the week and winter holidays.

  • Involvement and personalized support from Sport2U

  • Quick assembly and disassembly, no damage to the existing surface

  • Sport2U also ensures the storage of your land during the off-season.

For who ?

  • Sports clubs: To compensate for the lack of available indoor infrastructure, create your own sports hall at home.

  • Sports federations: Grow your sport and increase the number of registrations by offering your clubs dedicated infrastructure.


We place one or more pitches under covered infrastructure depending on available space opportunities. 

  • Unused outdoor pitch

  • Parkings

  • Empty wharehouse

  • ...

An all-inclusive sports hall

Stilmat Outdoor Inline tiles

The pitches

Reception of visitors, stands, bar, lighting, security, visibility of sponsors... We discuss with you all the subjects that our experience has taught us to consider during this type of organization. 

The tent

  • The self-supporting tent is the ideal solution for housing your ephemeral sports hall. It requires no anchoring in the ground and does not damage the original surface.

  • A wooden floor will ensure that the surface is flat despite any unevenness in the ground.

  • A modular reception area, essential for receiving sportspeople in optimum conditions. This area can also be used to accommodate the public, a bar or changing rooms, while complying with current sanitary standards.

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We install efficient lighting systems:

18 200W LED floodlights, placed over the entire playing surface to guarantee perfect visibility of600 lux on the ground.

We provide and place a switchboard allowing all energy needs to be managed (heating, lighting, etc.).



The advantage of being "indoor" is obviously to be able to guarantee temperature conditions adapted to the practice of your sport. The connected heating system allows you to regulate the temperature remotely or automate the system's on and off procedure, which has the effect of limiting fuel oil consumption.



Do you want to increase training times? Make your players' lives easier by having the capacity to host more home matches? Generate additional income during the off-season?

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