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Renovation of
tennis court

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Renovation of residential tennis court

Give your home tennis court a new lease of life with our Stilmat renovation solution. If your tennis court has lost its lustre or needs refurbishing, our removable and modular sports surfaces are designed to restore your playing area to its former glory.


With our home tennis court renovation solution, you can give your space a complete refresh. Get ready for exciting games, improve your serve and enjoy thrilling matches without leaving your property.

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Performance reinvented

Our Stilmat surfaces reinvent the performance of your tennis court. With superior grip and controlled bounce, your exchanges will become more precise and exciting than ever. Give your tennis court professional quality for an exceptional playing experience.

Quick installation, minimal maintenance

Renovating your home tennis court is simplified with our solution. The rapid installation of modular surfaces minimises disruption, and our durable materials require very little maintenance. All you have to do is clear the leaves from time to time. Enjoy a brand new tennis court without the hassle of traditional renovations or the maintenance required by crushed brick or concrete surfaces.

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Your moments, your court

Transform your tennis court into a space where you can train, play and share sporting moments with family and friends. Our home tennis court renovation solution creates a friendly environment where you can enjoy the game.


Are you looking for a quick and affordable floor renovation solution?

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