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Buildings rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation of buildings

Discover our building rehabilitation solution for transforming vacant industrial spaces, exhibition halls and more into state-of-the-art sports facilities. In response to the lack of availability in traditional sports halls, our refurbishment approach creates modern, functional sports environments.

Give new life to your spaces

With our building rehabilitation solution, vacant spaces take on a whole new dimension. Transform disused industrial buildings into high-end sports facilities, offering athletes an inspiring environment in which to train and develop.


A state-of-the-art sports hall

Our rehabilitation solution makes it possible to create state-of-the-art sports halls. Offer your members a superior sporting experience, with Stilmat's removable and modular sports flooring for optimal training.

Response to lack of availability

Our approach is a direct response to the challenge of the lack of availability in traditional sports halls. By transforming underused spaces into functional sports halls, you offer a practical and sustainable solution for athletes and sports enthusiasts.


Customization and adaptability

Our modular surfaces can be adapted to different configurations, allowing you to customise the space to suit your sports hall's needs. Create courts for basketball, futsal, volleyball and more, while maintaining a modern, professional look.


By exploiting the opportunities offered by unoccupied buildings, Sport2U is creating new places dedicated to sport, on a temporary or permanent basis. 

This unique solution makes it possible to make up for the shortage of sports halls at a lower cost and to rehabilitate abandoned sites.


  • Rehabilitation of unoccupied buildings

  • Increase the number of sports facilities available in the area

  • Original and unique look

  • Assembling the surface in just one day

  • Creation of a new sports hall at lower cost

For who ?

  • City and municipalities

  • Private owners


We place a sports surface according to the opportunities of the chosen site:




  • Unoccupied industrial hall

  • Warehouse

  • Exhibition hall

  • Sports hall awaiting renovation

  • ...

A transformation that includes

Stilmat indoor tiles for buildings rehabilitation - renovation - refurbishment

Stilmat tiles

  • Dimensions and markings adapted to the sports you want to play

  • Impeccable playing comfort

  • Meticulous finish

Integratech Evolve SMD-1.png
Capture d’écran 2021-01-11 à 15.45.53.


We installed high-performance lighting systems:

200W LED floodlights, positioned across the entire playing surface to guarantee perfect (and regulation) visibility of 600 lux.


We supply and install an electrical panel to manage all energy requirements (heating, lighting, etc.), validated by an approved organisation.



Do you have an idea in mind ? An unoccupied space gathering dust when so many people would love to be able to enjoy their favourite sport ? Are you looking for a quick and affordable solution?

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