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Outdoor renovation

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Outdoor renovation

Bring your outdoor multisport pitch back to life with our Stilmat renovation solution. If your outdoor play area needs a makeover, our removable and modular surfaces are the answer. Thanks to our expertise in sports pitch renovation, we can transform your existing facilities into modern, high-performance pitches, while minimising the costs and hassle associated with traditional renovations.

Grip and performance

Our Stilmat surfaces offer superior grip and durable performance, ensuring an optimal sports environment for a variety of sports. Whether for basketball, futsal, tennis, handball or other activities, our renovation solution creates a versatile and professional playing pitch.

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Simplified installation and controlled costs

Thanks to our innovative approach, your outdoor multisport pitch can be renovated in record time. Installation is quick and easy, minimising interruptions to play. What's more, our modular surfaces allow you to save on traditional renovation costs while offering unrivalled quality and durability.

An exceptional sporting experience

Our renovation solution is not limited to the visible surface. We also improve the pitch's overall performance by optimising shock absorption and rebound. Give your outdoor pitch a new lease of life and offer your players an exceptional sporting experience with the quality and performance guaranteed by Stilmat.

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Optimize your installations

Whether you want to modernise an ageing pitch, meet your club's evolving needs or offer your sporting community a state-of-the-art facility, our renovation solution allows you to optimise your facilities without the usual costs and delays associated with construction projects. Play and train in an environment redesigned for sporting excellence.


Replacing the deteriorated surface of an outdoor sports pitch generally requires major work and substantial investment. Sport2U can offer you a temporary or permanent solution.


  • Fast: the surface can be installed in just one day

  • Durable

  • Multisport marking included

  • No heavy, messy work

  • Affordable budget

For who ?

  • Cities and municipalities

  • Schools

  • Recreation centres


  • Agora space

  • Tennis court

  • Basketball court

  • Playground

  • ...


Are you looking for a fast, affordable solution?

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